C O S M O G O N I C   C R E A T I O N

A collection of prints based on the chinese cosmogonic creation myth.

S E A S O N S   N A R R A T I V E

This collections is a screen printed five page narrative based on the greek legend of Demeter and the seasons.

G R E E K   D E I T I E S

These prints feature symbolic iconography based on the Greek gods Poseidon and Hera.


A print based on the Greek legend of Icarus.

G R E E K   I C O N O G R A P H Y

A pair of A5 prints featuring some iconography related to Greek temples and gardens.

P O S E I D O N   A N D   A T H E N A

These prints are based on the Greek tale of The Horse and the Olive; they depict the gifts Athena and Poseidon gave to the city of Athens whilst competing to become the cities patron.

G R A P H I C   C R O C O D I L E S

Exploring the effects of layering colours when screen printing.


Based on the Japanese legend of the Namazu; a giant catfish that lives under the earth causing earthquakes when it moves.

P O L A R   B E A R

Outcomes from an experiment testing a marbling technique to make a more fluid water effect.

H E L P I N G   H A N D

A piece I made in response to the idea that it's ok to get help from others around you when overcoming challenges.

L I T T L E   L E A V E S

A collection of A6 Lino prints featuring leaves I found whilst walking around the Bristol area.