Hi Im Jon,

A Bristol based illustrator / printmaker in training, 

My work is heavily influenced by  ways in which different cultures explain nature in the absence of science. Looking mainly into human desires and their connection to the natural world

I draw influence from a multitude of texts; verbal stories, written histories, ancient mythologies, religious passages and translate them into prints, depicting them in my own style.

I choose to reimagine these stories as they are often not written or heard of in the twenty-first century. I find interesting that before scientific enlightenment what is known as science could not be explained and therefore was justified by magic or gods ect. An earthquake could be explained as a fish underground, land floats because a giant turtle carries it on their back, the moon was positioned by a white raven. The collective understanding of nature within these ancient societies gives the stories their truth. Regardless of how they perceive their truth, or how the stories differ, it is their understanding of nature that constructed their culture and led them in their time. 

It is these ideas which I wish to portray in my prints, translating the natural 'science' of the past into the present. 


University of West England's End of Year Showcase (online), Bristol, 2020

Nowhere Illustration Exhibition (online), 2020

The Online Bath Art Show - In Aid of Children’s Hospice South West, Bath, 2020

Art Fair

Arthole Illustration Fair - Cardiff, 2019


Illustrated sheet music for Dr Humphries PhD - Composing in the Community: Creative Dialogue with the Amateur Music Vernacular, 2018>

Illustrated and designed tickets for Mr and Mrs Tanners pantomime - A Lad In Tarring, 2019